Fani Boukouvala


  • January 2017, Foundations of Computer Aided Process Operations (FOCAPO 2017)  Travel Award.
  • September 2016, Computers & Chemical Engineering Best Paper Award as a co-author on: “A multi-scale framework for CO2capture, utilization, and sequestration: CCUS and CCU”.
  • November 2013: Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) Model-Based Innovation Award for publication “Integrated approach for dynamic flowsheet modeling and sensitivity analysis of continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing”.
  • May 2013: Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Graduate School of Engineering, Rutgers University, NJ.
  • November 2012: Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) Travel Award for Annual meeting of Chemical Engineering (AIChE).
  • November 2011: Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Travel Award 2011 for AIChE Conference 2011.
  • July 2011: Fellowship for participation in Pan American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) ten day workshop on Process modeling and optimization for energy and sustainability, Brazil.
  • May 2011: New Jersey Pharmaceutical Association for Science and Technology (NJPhAST) Graduate Scholarship.
  • Sept 2002: Ranked 3rd (out of 202) based on Greek National Examination Scores for admission to Department of Chemical Engineering of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

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